For the most demanding taste buds

Sturgeon roe —in other words: caviar— is an essential product in our gourmet line for the most demanding taste buds.

  • The best caviar comes from the sturgeon, which is caught in the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia. The highest prices are paid for the beluga, ossetra and sevruga varieties of caviar (beluga caviar comes from the beluga sturgeon and not the beluga–a type of cetacean that has nothing to do with caviar).

Nowadays, you can find quality caviar not only from Iran and countries bordering the Caspian Sea but also produced in Spain.




    Beluga caviar

    Large eggs with an earthy flavour and a silky texture that were traditionally reserved for royalty. The colour of the eggs ranges from warm brown to silver-grey, depending on the individual diet of the sturgeons. Only five to ten per cent of this caviar is from the Caspian Sea, and that is called Imperial caviar.


    Ossetra caviar

    Elite caviar that is considered the most flavoursome by critics. It is one of the most coveted types of caviar in the world. Its texture is generally slightly firmer than other types of caviar–but still delicate.



    Sevruga caviar

    The eggs of this caviar from the Caspian Sea are smaller than those of the other two main varieties of caviar. However, what it is missing in size, it makes up for in its intense flavour. Sevruga caviar (Acipenser stellatus) is the saltiest and most flavoursome.





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