We supply a gourmet quality selection with all the nutritional value and flavour of the best canned fish and shellfish. Spain is one of the most prestigious producers in the world and its products are internationally acknowledged.

EL COFRE GOURMET supplies the most delicious, delicatessen, canned fish and shellfish–products made from the best raw materials using artisan methods. We offer you a selection of top-quality canned foods, with all the flavour and nutritional value they bring: tasty morsels so you can serve something different at family meals or when you have guests. This is canned food made using traditional methods–suggestive, appetising delicacies.


    Preparing anchovy fillets for subsequent canning is a delicate and painstaking craft. Once the anchovy arrives at the cannery, the long preparation process begins, which starts with the salting and then the pressing of this snack. Once the pressing is complete, the anchovies must be left for four to five months at a temperature ranging from 18 to 25 degrees, until they take on the appropriate reddish colour and aroma.

    After this time, the anchovies are sliced and moved to the drying phase, which is achieved using a centrifuge that extracts the maximum saltwater so that its space can be filled with the greatest possible amount of oil. The next step is packing, which involves opening the anchovies and removing the backbone by hand, thus turning each of them into two fillets. After cutting off any loose bits and giving them a last cleaning, the anchovies are canned and ready for subsequent coating in oil, closing, packaging and sealing.