Spanish gastronomy, famous all over the world, is also characterised by the use of cheeses–both as a snack and as a substantial ingredient of other dishes. Cheese producers in Spain have the highest-quality products to suit all tastes…

Hence, we have varieties such as:


  • ••Cured cheese

    Matured for between four and seven months, it is a cheese with a high fat content and a strong flavour.

  • Old cheese

    Matured for longer than seven months, it has an intense, powerful flavour.

  • El queso añejo

    It is eaten after curing for at least nine months; it has a hard texture and a flavour that is suited to demanding tastes.

  • There are designations of origin all over the península:

    -D.O.P. MAHÓN- MENORCA – Balearic Islands.

    -D.O.P. QUESO MANCHEGO – Castilla La Mancha.

    -D.O.P. TORTA DEL CASAR – Extremadura.

    -D.O.P. QUESO MAJORERO – Canary Islands.

    -D.O.P. QUESO IDIAZÁBAL – Euskadi and Navarra.

    -D.O.P. QUESO ZAMORANO – Castile and León.

    -D.O.P. QUESO CABRALES – Asturias.

    -D.O.P. QUESO SAN SIMÓN DE COSTA – Lugo, Galicia.

    -D.O.P. QUESO GRAZALEMA – Cadiz.

    -D.O.P. QUESO RONCAL – Navarra.

    -D.O.P. QUESO TETILLA – Galicia.

    Internationally recognised