The characteristic Spanish kid may be considered the product of the union of two ancient types of goat: the Pyrenean goat and African stock. It may be considered the Spanish goat, as one of the ones that has had the most influence on the other breeds and populations of goats on the peninsula, as it is present in many areas of our geography.

The essential characteristic of this breed is its high birth rate, combined with the fast transformation index of the billy goats, which reach 8–9 kg in 30 days (slaughtering age).

Kid meat, as indicated by the name, is meat from the youngest goats. As with lamb, depending on age, two types of kid are differentiated: suckling kid and spring kid. The tenderest and juiciest meat is always from the suckling kid. Then comes the much more aromatic meat with a higher lean content, which is from the spring kid.

Suckling kid meat has a high fat content–7%. to be specific However, it is very easy to eliminate it either before or after cooking as it accumulates around the entrails and under the skin. In this way, the amount of saturated fats, cholesterol and calories is considerably reduced.

Kid meat has the most concentrated amount of sodium in any animal meat, next to any type of meat from a cow, and this contributes to its wonderful flavour, which is stronger than that of other meats we usually eat.