Nougat (turrón) is a sweet paste obtained by cooking honey (or sugar) and mixing in peeled, toasted almonds. You can add egg whites —or not— to this paste to emulsify it.


The paste is subsequently kneaded and it is traditionally shaped into a rectangular bar. The main production centres in Spain are in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Lérida, and —to a lesser degree— in the province of Toledo and the Extremadura towns of Castuera and Garrovillas de Alconétar.


Nougat production is concentrated in the production of traditional confectionary in Jijona (Province of Alicante, Valencia), Casinos (Province of Valencia, Valencia) and Agramunt, Catalonia. There is a variety where the almonds are visible (which is popularly called hard nougat) and Jijona nougat, where the almonds are ground and the nougat has a pasty appearance (popularly called soft nougat).