Pimenton de la Vera is a product with a designation of origin and is the result of grinding red peppers of the Ocales, Jaranda, Jariza, Jeromín, and Bola varieties.

It is grown and prepared in the region of La Vera in the province of Caceres, Spain.

Pimenton de la Vera is a product with a smoky taste and aroma due to the process of drying the peppers in oak smoke.

It is red in colour and quite shiny. It has great colouring power–greater in the Ocales variety than the Bola variety.

The flavour, aroma and colour are stable given the slow dehydration process used in its making.


    There are three types of pimenton de la Vera distinguished by flavour:



    Sweet–made with the Bola and Jaranda varieties






    Sweet and sour–made with the Jaranda and Jariza varieties







    Spicy–made with the Jeromín variety












plantación pimiento rojo