Mainly used with oil to dress vegetables in salads. Vinegar is a key ingredient of escabeches, marinades and pickles; it is used in these as a preservative as it slows down the effects of rotting in food. Scented vinegars are usually used with different herbs, such as dill, tarragon, rosemary or thyme.



    Wine vinegar


    This is the name given to the most usual of all vinegars, and also the one that is used and produced most in the world. This vinegar comes from different varieties of wine. Sometimes, this commercial vinegar has not gone through an ageing stage.



    Balsamic vinegar


    Amongst its characteristics are a strong flavour, dark colour and slightly sweet aromas. It is aged for at least twelve years in barrels made of different woods. It is used frequently in vinaigrette. It is recommended that only a few drops be added to a sauce to season it.