Kobe beef is the name given to certain cuts of meat from the black Tajima breed of Wagyu cattle, bred strictly according to tradition.


The life cycle of each specimen is monitored from start to finish. To do this, a highly exclusive process of breeding and handling is used, with very strict requirements that guarantee —at all times— both the animal’s well-being and the food safety and quality of the end product that later reaches the consumer.


Due to its genetic characteristics, meat from the Wagyu breed is one of the most valued in the world, both on account of its delicious flavour and tenderness, and its properties for human health. Specifically, this meat is very rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Furthermore, its aroma and juiciness make it a unique delicacy that impresses everyone who tries it.

Wagyu meat is considered the best meat in the world.